My name is Mike, born in 1987.

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, my soul craves whatever is around the next bend. Up to this point, I've (almost) always done what I was 'supposed' to do: I excelled in school, graduated from the University of Washington, and have remained employed (almost) ever since.

Despite the well-intentioned advice from the generation that precedes mine, I have successfully hunted for opportunities with undefined long-term, or even near-term, prospects: - unique, new positions in new companies. Perhaps it is the fact that I am the first to fill the shoes that entices me, but more likely it is the unknown, unpredictable nature of such opportunities. An optimistic, uncertain future is what propels me.

In 2013 I decided to go see the world with my girlfriend. I graciously left my job and a short time later left the country. We landed in Medellin, Colombia on March 1st, 2013 and flew home from Sydney, Australia on December 16th, 2013 [full itinerary]. I will be learning from this experience for the remainder of my time. 

That brings us to now, but I want to know what's next?

Photo by Winslow Crane-Murdoch

Photo by Winslow Crane-Murdoch


I am interested in the intersection between brand strategy and visual content. It is no secret that the power of honest content will continue to grow as modern marketers battle for the loyalty of a new age of customers. With the millennial demographic quickly becoming an economic powerhouse while rejecting the sleazy marketing tactics of our parents’ generation and those before them, honesty and integrity has never been more important. There's an endless amount of content out there, how will you stand out?

Let’s build strategy, produce content and create loyalty.

Available for hire.


Unrestrained by any particular style or method, I find inspiration in the uncertainty of the next encounter.

The question of what is around the next bend is what compels me to make images. The opportunity to capture that ephemeral moment in a place or face that could not be predicted and will never be repeated. 

In 2007, I randomly decided to borrow my mom's early Canon DSLR for a then-annual road trip with a dear friend from Seattle, WA to Seal Beach, CA. In hindsight, this - aside from switching from Auto to Manual - was the most important, wild-hair creative decision I have made in my life. I have never seen the world in the same light.

I have been capturing moments and honing my craft ever since. I never had any sort of plan with my photography, it has always been my only creative outlet. I do it for myself, and I share with close friends and family. After years of those friends and family members encouraging me to publish my work and let the world see it, and me taking no such action, I have finally decided to open up and let you see the world through my lens.