recent projects


Comfort theory: new zealand

A thru-hike project covering the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail - the world's newest thru-hike.

Six months, two islands, 1800 miles and fourteen brand sponsors.



Roam rents out badass adventure vans, based in Portland, OR. We took one for a spin - the best model and set I've ever worked with.

As a new company focusing on tough-to-reach demographic, they understand the importance of real content over staged nonsense. Can't wait for the next...job.

A collaborative project, I took photos and directed stuff.



Bike culture can be intimidating, and selecting a bike even more so. They make bikes that can do it all so you don't have to choose.

This was an adventure ride - the same two wheels on all types of terrain. No maps or stopwatches, just views, trails, and beers at the pub (after the ride, of course).

A collaborative project, I took photos, aerials and produced.