Pacific Northwest-raised, Portland-based.

Sorry, you wont find images of felt hats, blankets and waterfalls - nor boots sticking out the back of my car under the glow of twinkly lights. Instead you might find unshaven faces, dirty hands, epic landscapes and puffy jackets - the real PNW.

I've been shooting still images for over a decade now, the most consistent thing in my life. I'm interested in the natural beauty of a place and how we choose to enjoy it. Since my trip around the world in 2013, I have become more interested in humans as subjects. I used to call them picture killers.

I produce, shoot and write content that feels natural. It comes from the heart, the only place I can find it.

The project in which I take the most pride is building Comfort Theory and producing/shooting the Comfort Theory: New Zealand project for fourteen sponsors I've always admired. Check it out.